Meet The Team

Maggie CHEN 


Maggie Chen graduated from Shanghai Fudan University (Law Department). She holds a BBA at Leicester University, UK. She won the First Prize in Mandarin Speech Competition in Shenzhen in 1988.

陈薇毕业于上海复旦大学法律系,获英国 Leicester 大学工商管理学士学位。于1988年获得深圳特区普通话比赛一等奖。




Dr. Edward TSANG



Dr Edward Tsang has a PhD in Computer Science.


He has had 30 years’ teaching experience at University of Essex, Colchester, where he is a professor. He specializes in artificial intelligence, in particularly its application to computational finance and optimization.


Dr Tsang has also taught for over 5 years in the Ipswich Chinese School, under the Headship of Mr Yun Fai PANG.